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A 4-month NFT experience. Join a community building the scent for the Metaverse.

100 places only  |  CREATOR RIGHTS

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Your 4-month inaugural NFT Experience includes:

  • drop-in chats with your telegram community
  • learning sessions with our master perfumer Nadeem 
  • interactive games, voting, Metaverse trips and maybe even IRL events!

Your takeaways:

  • a limited edition perfume
  • co-creation rights
  • an NFT of the label artwork
  • more Metaverse and perfume learnings
  • a new tribe and network

Get in first to create a seminal unisex perfume. Design a label, geek-out and explore perfumes and the Metaverse.

Decentraland Art Galley


We’re bringing together passionate people with expert perfumers and designers to make something unforgettable and unique, with the freshest and finest ingredients. 

At the end of the 4 months you will have the perfume posted to you for free and the NFT of the perfume label sent to your wallet, which will be a piece of art you voted for!

create the highest quality limited edition perfume (100 only)

Keeping to these numbers means we make no compromises on using the freshest ingredients, the highest concentration of perfume oils and no added E-numbers or testing on animals. 

At the end of 4 months you will have a perfume that’s like nothing you’ve ever tried before because you created it and these ingredients can’t be done on a commercial scale.

Co-creator rights with Rook and the other community members

Along with 4 month highly curated perfume creation experience, you get a share of the very important creators rights in the scent of the Metaverse. This means if a big company like LVMH want to buy the rights to the perfume because they want to fast track access and respect in the Metaverse, then the money gets split with you and your co-creators. 

This is the first experiment towards a fully fledged perfume DAO

A DAO is a decentralised autonomous organisation. It’s crypto speak for a cooperative built with smart contracts to transparently automate various actions of the group. This creates a flat hierarchy (i.e. no managers) and better allocation of resources (i.e. fair pay & responsibility). 

The tools and best practises for a DAO aren’t there yet but we need to do experiments like these to work out what a DAO will look like in the future. 

Upon successful completion of this experiment we plan to carry on and create another perfume, (maybe specifically for CryptoVoxels this time 🤷‍♂️ or a specific event). After the new experiment we’ll all be armed with more knowledge together, along with tools and tribe to advance our goal of building a fully fledged DAO.

Meet the Perfumer

Fragrance is a piece of art in a bottle and you will see how the process is as valuable as the final product. I can’t wait to meet you and begin this journey together.


Founder, Rook Perfumes

Who brought this together?

THE perfumer

Nadeem Crowe, perfumer, NHS doctor and Broadway performer, Nadeem understands how by bypassing the thalamus in our brain and targeting the limbic system, the power of scent can provoke instant emotion. It transports us back to moments in time that we may or may not want to recall. Through scent, we can make new connections.

Rook Perfumes

Rook Perfumes is a niche fragrance house (Pure Beauty Awards, Marie Claire USA, Dazed Beauty and GQ). Their niche perfumes are made with only the finest ingredients and are compounded in the United Kingdom. None of their fragrances are tested on animals.

Founding members

Nadeem Crowe – Founder of Rook Perfumes

Warren Beeby – Artist and Designer

Jamie Anson – Founder Nifty Orchard and Ethereum London organiser

Melissa Gilmour – Founder Lily & Piper


20 May  NFT Drop

20 May -3 June May  Onboarding and avatar distribution

1 June – 1 August  Perfume discovery process

July  Art and label discovery

1-30 August Perfume Production

1-15 September Perfume Distribution

Mid-late September Launch party in the Metaverse


1. Buy a membership NFT from KnownOrigin

The NFTs are available now from KnownOrigin

2. Add yourself to the Telegram Group. 

A Telegram bot will validate if you have the membership NFT

3. Together we create perfume and label

4. Free delivery of the perfume and final NFT of the label artwork.


This is an example to outline intent only. Rooks intent is for everyone to get a share of creator rights while it maintains responsibility for the product. This is our vision for how we believe this could be implemented together as a DAO.

  1. BigCo wants to buy the Metaverse perfume outright. Community notified to hear objections as best possible. Profits from the purchase get split Rook 51-49 Community.
  2. BigCo wants to buy a limited time license (eg. 10 year) to mass produce and sell the perfume. Community notified to hear objections as best possible. Profits from the purchase get split Rook 51-49 Community.
  3. BigCo buys Rook. BigCo only inherits Rook’s rights. No change or extra charge.
  4. NationalBody declares an ingredient unsafe/illegal prior to the design of the perfume. The ingredient is used and the NationalBody want to know who to charge for putting an illegal ingredient in a perfume supplied to the people of their country. Rook have 100% duty rights so are solely responsible for the perfume and will incur any consequence.
  5. All community members want to sell the perfume to BigCo. Rook is notified. Purchase can only go through with Rooks agreement.
  6. BigCo reverse engineer the perfume for sale. Community & Rook can legally enforce their rights.



Scent Process FAQs


What is an 'accord'?

In perfumery an accord describes a group of notes (individual scents) which when combined create a distinct fragrance. A perfume usually includes several accords.

How long does the process take?

The discussions within the DAO will go on for up to 8 weeks (longer if required). After this there will be up to 12 weeks for final formulation and laboratory clearance.

Will every idea suggested end up in the final fragrance?

The final scent will be the perfumer’s interpretation of what has been discussed in the DAO. As with all fragrance it may not be to everyone’s taste. It is however important to consider fragrance as a piece of art in a bottle and to value the process as much as the final product.

Will the scent ship internationally?

Yes. There will be exceptions due to the hazardous goods shipping regulations required for fragrance. Shipping to the Gulf, Middle East, Australia and some part of Asia can be costly. The cost of shipping will be included in the cost of the NFT with some exceptions. If you live outside the USA or Europe please email us at [email protected] and we can assist further.




Do you give refund for the NFT if I don’t like the perfume in the end?

No. The NFT gives you access to the group to participate in the experience of bringing a perfume to life. 

The NFT can be sold on at any point should you feel this is no longer for you and a new avatar will be issued to ticket holder.

I’m a perfumer can I help with the production of the perfume?

The perfume is produced by Rook perfumes who hold the liability issuance and would not be able to split responsibility for the production with anyone else.

What will the group be doing together?
  • Organised sessions with Nadeem for chatting and voting about what the perfume should invoke in your mind
  • General geeking out about fragrances
  • Meet-ups in metaverse locations to explore together
  • Competitions for metaverse swag
  • Possible IRL meet-ups
Which country/timezone are you based? Will I miss out if I’m in Australia?

We’re based in Europe but we will be doing sessions for all time zones.

Do I have to be a perfume connoisseur to join the group?

Not at all. This is meant as a super fun experience for us all to learn and create together.

I heard NFTs are bad for the environment. Is that true?

Creating an NFT uses about as much computing power as a tweet. It is an exaggeration to imply anything else. This is the only consideration we need to make in regards to our carbon footprint.

Where there is inefficiencies is in the how the network runs in verifying the network. Ethereum (our choice of blockchain of choice) doesn’t need as many validators of the network known as miners as it does.

The 2 groups to be concerned with are: the validators (miners) and the Ethereum developers. Both are more concerned with the problem than some reports will lead you to believe.

Miners have their operations next to power plants with natural excess production and take energy that would normally be zapped into the ground. They aim to not add to the need for capacity of the grid. This makes their energy requirements carbon neutral. This tho is an ideal and not what everyone does.

The Ethereum blockchain developers are on course to end its reliance on miners. In July, the next upgrade will probably reduce the number of miners by half and should have complete the move away completely in 1 year.

Ethereum is the best choice for our project because we believe in the permanence of what we create. We will have created an amazing perfume and we want to be remembered for it forever. Ethereum is the only proven blockchain technology that we can say will last forever.

Where will the token sale happen?

KnownOrigin Logo

We are partnering with KnownOrigin for our sales.

KnownOrigin have helped build a diverse and inclusive community from the inception of NFTs and continue to innovate for the good of the entire NFT community and for NFTs, as stewards for provenance and integrity.

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